MoonwalkerFM DApp Reveal

A Screenshot of the MoonwalkerFM DApp

The global NFT record label Moonwalker FM is releasing its very own web3 enabled decentralized application (DApp) this March. Coming just one month after their successful public sale, the lo-fi-focused project is pioneering the music and NFT space. With the launch of their second season coming in April, this DApp comes just in time for holders to make the most out of their Moonwalkers and further explore the world of music streaming, passive rewards and NFTs.

What exactly is a DApp?

A DApp is a decentralized application that connects and integrates with the blockchain. The Moonwalker DApp communicates with the Ethereum Blockchain to deliver user information in a holistic and easily accessible way. The wallet address that you connect will be read by the DApp and your relevant information will be displayed via the Rarible API. A DApp cannot modify your data, it simply reads information from the blockchain and displays it.

What will this offer NFT holders?

First off, if you’re not familiar with MoonwalkerFM seasons & cycles, here’s a quick rundown.

● You snatch up a uniquely designed Moonwalker NFT

● A season is released and it is revealed if your NFT is connected to a full-length lo-fi song within the season

● These NFT holders earn passive rewards as their connected song accumulates streams

● Investors can watch the success of their connected song in real-time, soon to be made easy via the MoonwalkerFM DApp

The Moonwalker DApp will use the data it acquires via the blockchain to display all the relevant information, making it easy to see which NFTs you own, which songs are connected to them and how many streams and passive rewards you have accumulated.

You can view songs of each season as they are released and are able to easily distinguish which NFTs are linked to which songs.

User Interface Features

⦁ Light/Dark Mode

⦁ Hover over NFT to Display Information

⦁ Disconnect Button

⦁ Custom NFT Profile Photo

⦁ Desktop & Mobile Scaling

All available upon first release

Claiming Your Rewards

Claiming your passive rewards is made quick and easy within the Moonwalker DApp. In the next season update on April 1st, the DApp will display a button to claim. If you hold any song-linked NFTs, a payout request will be automatically processed upon click.

The One For Me by Blue Tamagotchi has already amassed over 40,000 Spotify streams

Spotify Integration

The Spotify API will be integrated to display all MoonwalkerFM songs, the number of streams each song has and a reward estimation to match. That’s right, in real-time you can see how much your associated song has earned for you. What’s next? With the next season dropping on April 1st, those within the music and NFT space eagerly await the release of 100 more full-length lo-fi songs to be paired with their Moonwalker NFTs.

Moonwalkers with connected songs are highly sought after, so if you have one, congrats! Eventually, every one of the 1500 Moonwalker NFTs will be earning passive rewards. A big win for the music community and a big win for NFT investors — get in early while you still can.

To Conclude

The Moonwalker team is excited to deliver their audience not only the best LoFi music but the best NFT user experience in Web3. The MoonwalkerFM DApp is a key part of streamlining NFT/Music interoperability and providing holders with an easy to use, intuitive piece of software.

MoonwalkerFM thanks it’s community for their enthusiastic feedback and dedication to the project. Enjoy!

MoonwalkerFM DApp Launching Next Month

Relevant Links

Mint NFTs on the MoonwalkerFM Website

Join the Discord Spacebar!

Follow MoonwalkerFM on Twitter

Listen To MoonwalkerFM on Spotify

Listen To MoonwalkerFM 24/7 on YouTube




Worlds first Lo-Fi NFT based record label

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Worlds first Lo-Fi NFT based record label

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